• 1  player


  • Deck of cards (Ace – 10)


  • To remove the cards from the pyramid by “making ten” with two cards (you do not need 2 cards if you are using the 10)

How to Play

  • Arrange your cards into a pyramid with 6 rows, with each row slightly overlapping the previous row.
  • Remove two cards (except if it is a 10) that are completely uncovered that make a ten.
  • When there is no option on the pyramid to make a ten then you flip over the top card off the deck until you can make a ten.
  • If you go through the whole deck, then shuffle them up and continue to play.
  • The game is over when you remove all the cards from your pyramid, or you cannot remove anymore cards from your pyramid.

Playing Example:

Example 1:

  • The player removes the 10 from the pyramid (shown above)
  • The player pairs the 7 and 3 to make a ten and removes them from the pyramid.
  • The player must flip over the top card form the deck because there are no more ways to make a ten with the cards shown.
  • The player flips over a 9 and makes a 10 with one of the aces.