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engage in mathematics

Lego Math

Lego activity that connects learning throughout the whole school year – Grade 3 curriculum

Number Talks: Exit Ticket

Exit tickets for strings of number talks.

Money Task Cards

Determine the total amount based on the pictures of money on the cards.

Equal Groups Task Cards

Making connections of equal groups to repeated addition and multiplication.

Thinker Tasks

Different relevant tasks that focus on different mathematical concepts.

Number of the Day

Activity mat to be laminated.

Amount Task Cards

Draw, stamp or build amounts of money

Esti-Mysteries Template

A template for students to create their own Esti-mysteries by Steve Wyborney

Student Created Esti-Mysteries

2.1 Circles on a Coat

2.2 Colour Beads

2.3 Count the Cubes

2.4 Dinosaur Farm

2.5 In the Forest

2.6 Magic Colours

2.7  Parachuting

2.8 Roll the Dice

2.9 Stacking Cubes

2.10 The Farm

2.11  Walking People