• 2 or more players



  • To be the first player to remove all 10 counters off your gameboard.

How to Play

  • Players turns rolling both dice and taking the difference between the two numbers.
  • The player removes a counter off their gameboard from that stack.
  • If there is no counter on the stack, then nothing is removed.
  • The player who removes all 10 counters first is the winner.

Playing Example:

Example :

  • Player one rolls a 5 and 4 and finds the difference (5-4=1).
  • They remove a counter from the stack on number one.
  • If there is no counter available, then nothing is removed.



  • Using a 12 – or 10-sided die extend the gameboard to 9 or 11.
  • Make sure you give more counters when you are extending the game.
  • Gameboard 9: 10-sided die
  • Gameboard 11: 12-sided die

Source: Jennifer Bay-Williams