• 2  players


  • 2 – standard die
  • Blank 10 x 10 graph paper
  • 2 – different coloured writing tools (if not then players can use x’s and dots)


  • To cover up as much of the gameboard as you can using arrays.

How to Play

  • Players take turns rolling the two dice to make a multiplication sentence.
  • Players draw the array on the gameboard.
  • If a player can’t place their array on the board, they lose their turn.
  • When both players have rolled and cannot go for two consecutive turns each the game is over.
  • Players determine how much of the area they have covered with their arrays.
  • The player that has covered more of the gameboard wins.

Playing Example:

Example :

  • Player 1 rolls a 5 and a 3.
  • The player decides if they want to place the array 5 by 3 or 3 by 5 on the gameboard.
  • The player uses x’s or their colour to place the array on the gameboard
  • Player 2 rolls the dice and places either dots on the game board or different coloured x’s for their array based on what they rolled.
  • Continue until both players cannot place an array on the board 2 consecutive turns.