• 2 – 6 players



  • To be the first player to reach 100

How to Play

  • On your turn, a player can repeatedly roll the die to collect points until one of the following happens:
    • You roll a 1, then all points you collected for that round are lost.
    • You decide to end your turn and add that many points to your score for the turn.

Scoring Example:

Example 1:

  • Player one rolls a 5 and decides to continue rolling
  • They then roll a 4 and decides to continue rolling.
  • They roll a 3 they decide to stop and not roll anymore.
  • The player now moves their piece on the board up 12 (5+4+3) points.

Example 2:

  • Player two rolls a 4 and decides to continue rolling.
  • They then roll a 2 and decide to continue rolling.
  • They then roll a 1.
  • Their turn is over, and they do not gain any points and do not move up the game board.


Two Dice:

  • Two standard dice are used.
  • If neither die is a 1, then you add the dice together.
  • If one of the dice is a 1, the player does not gain any points and their turn is over.
  • If both dice are a 1, then you lose 25 points.
  • OR if both dice are 1, then you gain 25 points (decide before starting the game).

100 to 0:

  • The players all start at 100 and work their way to 0 by subtracting the points they “bank” on their turn.