OH NO 99!

How to Play


  • 2  players


  • Standard deck of cards


  • Force your partner to go over the score or 99.

How to Play

  • Deal four cards to each player and leave the remaining in a stack in the middle.
  • Players take turns playing one card at a time, adding or subtracting based on the card that was played to their joint score.
  • Once a card has been played the player can replenish by taking a card off the top of the pile in the middle.
  • Continue to play until a player is forced to go over 99.

Playing Example:


  • The score is currently 65.
  • Player one plays an ace and subtracts 1. The score is now 64.
  • Player two plays a queen and makes their card be a 10 and adds 10 to 64 making their current score 74.
  • Player one plays a 6 adding it to 74 making he score 80.

Source: Rusty Bresser and Caren Holtzman