• 2 – 4 players


  • Standard deck of cards – Ace (1) to 10, Queen (0) remove jacks and kings.


  • To be the player with the lowest sum after five rounds.

How to Play

  • Begin by dealing out four cards to each player.
  • Each player selects two cards from their hand when added together are as close to 13 as possible.
  • Each player determines the difference between your sum of to numbers and 13.
  • Each player records the difference on a piece of paper.
  • Players discard all the cards and draw 4 new ones.
  • After the fifth round, players should add up their points from each round to determine their total points

Playing Example:


  • Player one has an Ace (1), 5, 9, 10.
  • They chose the Ace and 10 to play for a sum of 11.
  • They take the difference between 11 and 13 and record their score as 2.
  • Players play four more rounds before adding up their total score to determine who has the lowest points.


Source: Jennifer Bay-Williams