• 3 or more players



  • To win the greatest number of rounds (rounds played determined before starting the game)

How to Play

  • On their turn players will have three throws if the dice.
  • On the first throw the highest number is set aside, if two or more dice show the highest number, only one is kept.
  • The remaining two dice are thrown and once again the highest-numbered dice is put aside.
  • The final dice is rolled and the total (sum) of all three dice is the player’s score for that round.
  • The player with the highest score wins the round. (ties are broken by additional rounds of rolling)
  • The player with the most rounds won after the pre-determined number of rounds played wins.

Playing Example:

Example :

  • Player rolls all three dice and rolls a 3, 4 & 6. The player sets aside the 6 and rolls the remaining two dice.
  • The player rolls a 1 and 3. They set the 3 aside and roll the last die.
  • The player rolls a 2. The player adds up all three dice (6 + 3 + 2) for their total of 11 for that round.


Different Dice

  • Play with different dice: 4-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided.
  • The dice can be all the same or a combination of different dice.

Going to Boston Multiplication

  • Instead of adding the dice you can multiply the three dice to determine your score for the round