• 1 or moreĀ  players



  • To create words that total one dollar.

How to Play

  • Players try and come up with a word that equals one dollar.
  • Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to their worth in cents based on its order in the alphabet.

Playing Example:

Example :

  • A player chooses the word MATH to determine how much it is worth.
  • The player converts each letter to their worth. M = 13, A = 1, T = 20, H = 8.
  • They add up the amounts 13 + 1 + 20 + 8 for a total of 42 cents.
  • Come up with a different word that will get you closer to or equal to one dollar.


Secret Code

  • Players can give the amounts of each letter that form a word or phrase for a partner to decipher.

Decimal Words

  • Players add up cents to reach one-dollar words in the form of decimals.

Use the Decimal Conversion Table