• 1 or more  players


  • Standard die
  • Paper & pencil


  • To get the most stars after eight rounds.   

How to Play

  • Roll the die to determine how many circles you need to draw
  • Roll the die again to determine how many stars you need to draw in each circle.
  • Players write the total number of stars.
  • Players add the total of their stars after 8 rounds.

Playing Example:

Example :

  • Player 1 rolls a 3 and draws 3 circles on the paper.
  • Player 1 rolls a 5 and draws 5 stars in each of the three circles.
  • Player 1 adds up all the stars for a total of 15. Hands the die to player 2.


Change the Die

  • 8-sided die
  • 10-sided die

Source: Marilyn Burns